Download The African Blockchain Opportunity Report, Revised Edition, Today!

We are excited to inform you that the peer reviewed and final revised first edition is now ready for you to download at a discounted fee of $29.99 only. Sale proceeds will go to funding activities at our new incubator and partner hubs across Africa.

With the support of our partner AITEC Africa we launched the pre-sale of this report at the AITEC Banking & Mobile Money summit in August 2016. The funds raised from this campaign helped us conclude the research, peer-review and publication of the report in both PDF and Kindle readable formats.

This 136 page report is relevant for blockchain entrepreneurs, researchers, developers and investors. Find out what is coming next after Bitcoin and Ethereum!

Here are some of the testimonials from our peers who have reviewed the report.

Kristine Stone, Head of Partnerships Coinbase
The Blockchain Opportunity is a clear picture of the disruptive solutions at the finger tips of Africa. Evaluating trends and data John provides a holistic view of opportunities and challenges blockchain technology will face. In this stimulating book the reader is provided a window into how blockchain will change the way we live not only in Africa, but the world at large.

Max Kordek, Founder and C.E.O Lisk
The blockchain opportunity report by BitHub Africa is the first step towards a broader market adoption of blockchain technology in Africa. We are happy that Lisk is right in the middle of this movement and looking forward to strengthen the local communities with the Lisk ecosystem.

Sean Moroney, Chairman AITEC Africa
BitHub Africa is doing great work advancing the growth of Blockchain technology across Africa. The blockchain opportunity report provides a lot of insight on emerging blockchain technologies that offer interesting solutions to many challenges across Africa.

Sinclair Skinner, Founder BitMari
An illuminating piece on cutting edge blockchain technology like Bitcoin that will emancipate previously financially excluded people like the African farmer.

Let’s drive the adoption of Bitcoin & Blockchain technology across Africa, together!


Many thanks,
BitHub Africa Research

Photo Caption: John Karanja Founder BitHub Africa and Sean Moroney Chairman of AITEC Africa at Report pre-sale launch.

Disclaimer: The content in the report should not be construed to be financial advice, it is a technical review of interesting blockchain platforms. The reader is advised to do their own due diligence on safety, economic model and local regulatory compliance on platforms, organizations and entities featured in the report. Read full disclaimer.