Driving Sustainable Energy Adoption across Africa using Blockchain

John Karanja Futurism Forum

John Karanja, CEO of Melanin Solar and co-founder of BitHub Africa, presented at a conference on the topic of utilizing blockchain technology to advance sustainable energy adoption across Africa. Speaking from a rural region in Kenya, John highlighted that a significant portion (around 65%) of the African population lacks access to consistent energy, even though the continent holds immense potential, with the energy market potentially being valued at $2 trillion. The predominant issue is the current debt-driven model for adopting solar solutions. Many individuals, are proposed solar systems to be paid back in installments which can lead to debt distress due to inconsistent income streams like seasonal farming.

However, Africa’s abundant sunlight can be an asset. Through Melanin Solar, John aims to harness this asset by introducing a peer-to-peer energy marketplace using blockchain, allowing energy sharing and storage through a cryptocurrency mining concept. Drawing parallels with Bitcoin’s mining, he elaborated on how mining converts energy into a digital form, emphasizing that Bitcoin mining has, contrary to popular opinion, spurred renewable energy adoption in regions like China. Karanja envisions such principles to make idle energy in Africa efficient and facilitate the continent’s transition to sustainable energy sources, thereby transforming the energy landscape.